Urban UAV operations

drone urban

ASI has developed an eSODAR wind profiler specifically for UAV operations in the urban environment. This portable wind profiler uses the same autocalibrate parameters that constantly monitor and optimize the system per the realtime MET and atmospheric conditions.

Measurement are provided real-time, with resultant wind direction, horizontal and vertical wind data every 5 seconds (to 400 feet), not averaged over 10 minutes like other SODAR units. Results that are averaged will miss the EDR/TKE turbulence measurements required for UAV operations.

dronenycDesigned specifically for the urban environment, the system mitigates the ambient noise conditions and inherent reflections. Noise is not masked by the system, it has been engineered out.

UAV operations are very sensitive to the vertical winds, thermal turbulence, and wind deflection due to structure configuration and prevailing wind direction. Portability and easy setup allow for a quick determination of the optimal UAV flight location.

Horizontal windspeed/direction, vertical windspeed, and turbulence level are shown by user defined ranges (1m to 5m resolution) Using real time comparison with the UAV specifications, the system provides detailed data by altitude level, where the winds and/or turbulence are near or exceed platform specifications.