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Based in Australia and the Seattle area, with projects worldwide, Aviation Systems International provides innovative solutions for aviation. 

Combining multi-discipline experience with aircraft, avionics, and custom procedure design, with wind and wake turbulence measurement capability, our solutions provide the enabling foundation for the future of aviation.

Winds aloft on final approach and MET measurements have long been overlooked in aviation. There is a reliance on the AWOS winds, measured at 10m above the surface, to enable strategies and mitigations, but much more is required to put these concepts in use.

ASI solutions provide the winds to 300m and more, encompassing the critical phase of flight for wake turbulence, windshear advisory/alert systems, and air traffic management systems. Aircraft systems and ATM become proactive, not reactive.

Significant research has shown that wind and wake turbulence dependent capacity strategies such as Time Based Operations and RECAT, require ground measurements in real-time, not just measured in real-time, but with resultants provided in real-time. Dynamic separation and pure dynamic solutions can be enabled with real-time measurements.

ASI provides solutions with real-time measurements, in real-time…with real-time results.